Saturday, 9 July 2011

20. sonja.hastings: Top 10 Myths about Shared Parenting (Child Custody laws in Australia)

CLICK HERE FOR RESEARCH: Sonja Hastings cogently rebuts the most popular arguments used by officials in public to prevent shared parenting.

the Top Ten Myths about Shared Parenting are:

(1)      Children are forced into equal time arrangements by Australia’s Shared Parenting  legislation.

(2)      The risk of Child abuse increases for a child in a Shared Parenting arrangement.

(3)      The 2006 Shared Parenting laws have resulted in greater risks of family violence for mothers and children.

(4)      Shared Parenting reduces Child Support commitments, which is why many fathers seek Shared Parenting arrangements.

(5)     Children in Shared Parenting arrangements live a Ping-Pong lifestyle.

(6)     The 2006 Shared Parenting Family Law amendments are a “one-size fits all” arrangement.

(7)     The Family Law Pendulum has swung too far in the other direction, and now the system  favours fathers.

(8)     Australia’s Shared Parenting laws disadvantage Single Mothers

(9)     Australia’s Shared Parenting laws focus on Parental Rights and not on the best interests of the Child

(10)   The Australian public does not support Shared Parenting